Like A Phoenix

Like A Phoenix

It is a time of transition, in-between creative projects, a time to put aside paint brushes and reach for the pencil and pens. What better place to relax and ponder over new directions than doodling in the sketchbook. I suppose the arrival of a New Moon and Chinese New Year were on my mind, it seemed to be the direction for my drawings and scribbles.  Here in the islands local celebrations include brightly colored decorations, lions dancing in Chinatown streets, and sharing plenty of good food with family and friends. The festivities herald seasonal change while allowing moments of reflection and offering hopes for another new year.

It is a time of transition, … a good time to pause, take a breath, and recharge the batteries before continuing creative journeys, under a shining moon, like a phoenix reborn and filled with possibilities.

Lunar promises

Bloom like a phoenix reborn

Red fire monkey laughs

36 thoughts on “Like A Phoenix

  1. Myriam (Myr's Bytes) says:

    What a splendid illustration! Those wild, fanciful, flowing feathers! And the two little monkeys holding scrolls (poems to herald the new year?). And love your words.

    Do you happen to know of some books with a similar illustration style (your lovely detailed borders)? I remember seeing them in some fairytale books I read in elementary school but I haven’t read any similar books in a long time.

    Happy new year :-)!

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    • artandmoondreams says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments and for spotting the New Year symbols. Sadly I am not familiar with any contemporary books using illustrated borders, though I am sure they are out there. Like you I do remember reading books as a child with illustrations that used the margins of the page, and I still have a copy of “A Child’s Garden of Verses” by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by Charles Robinson. I adore the early 20th century illustrators like Robinson, his brother William Heath, Kay Nielsen, Harry Clarke and Arthur Rackham, just to name a few, and they have long inspired and influenced my efforts. My choice of borders in this drawing were inspired by the border designs on the Chinese spring couplets commonly seen hanging at this time of year and the overall design was no doubt influenced by my love of those early illustrators. I am glad you enjoyed this and it brought back memories for you. I hope you have many more wonderful adventures and creative discoveries in the coming year.

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