Flowers and Birdsong

Flowers and Birdsong

Just another pen and ink sketchbook doodle (in between projects), while thinking about friends, International Women’s Day and the monthly draw a bird day started by Laura at Create art everyday, and of course done while listening to birdsong.

Smiles of true friends lift

Hearts like flowers and birdsong

Clouds tickle the toes


32 thoughts on “Flowers and Birdsong

  1. Cathe says:

    It is always so delightful to see your drawings and paintings Haunani. Your work is so beautiful and uniquely you. This sketch is so rich with detail, so much harmony. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    • artandmoondreams says:

      My subconscious must have been at work here, did not even think ‘art nouveau’, but now that you mention it…a wonderful surprise to self and I am humbled by your kind words. Thank you so much, your comments and visits are always appreciated.


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