Memory Keepers

Tonight in Hilo, Hawaii, the music of hula can be heard.  Carried on the evening breeze, melodic voices raised in chant and song, the percussive rhythms of shark skinned drums and hollowed out gourds, the vibrating strings of ukulele and guitars. This week marks the 53rd Annual Merrie Monarch Festival with a week-long celebration that includes parades, arts and crafts, exhibits and fairs, and of course hula, performed in traditional and modern styles.

While every day unfolds pathways for creative journeys, events like this can offer inspiration at every turn and from so many different sources such as the melody of a song, the words of a chant, the strong and graceful movements of a dancer, or the sweet fragrance of blossoms and ferns woven into a lei.

Honoring our ancestors and our elders, being thankful for the traditions handed down while being firmly in the present and looking forward to the future, this is definitely a time for celebration and inspiration.


The Memory Keeper

The Memory Keeper

Stories old and new

Keepers of memory dance

Weaving lei with song


(Painting is watercolor and acrylic on Arches #140 cold pressed)

31 thoughts on “Memory Keepers

  1. Cathe says:

    Haunani you captured the lovely spirit of Hawaii again. This painting is beautiful, just magnificent. It reminds me a little of Peggy Hopper paintings, celebrating beautiful Hawaiian women.

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    • artandmoondreams says:

      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. I am so happy that the spirit of the islands come through and if it evokes for you memories of Peggy Hopper’s work, I am both humbled and honored. I appreciate your taking the time to visit. Mahalo.


  2. rebecca says:

    I am so overwhelmed with life right now that I have had no time to visit the circle of lovely artists that mean so much to me….I am sorry!! It is only my loss…missing out on the inspiration and beauty of all!! Anyway…I am blown away with this art….so curious of the use of watercolor and acrylic together. The depth of this could not be achieved with watercolor alone but the richness and matte of it is uncharacteristic of acrylic…this is stunning and a beautiful text to go along with it….only makes Hawaii more intriguing!

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    • artandmoondreams says:

      You are so sweet. I hope life is busy in the good and fun sort of way. Do not fret, I go missing rather often myself and need to play catch-up when I can. Always lovely to see your posts, and I always appreciate your visits and and comments. Thank you for your kind words, remember to pace yourself, take some deep breaths…peace.


  3. Sheleigh says:

    Aloha e ku’u hoa aloha. It has been many years. I am so happy to see you still enjoying your passion. Please contact me if you feel the desire. I would love to talk story and halawai. E hui kala mai no na pilikia i ka makahiki a’e. Me ke aloha he nui. Shel

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