World Watercolor Month: Week One

Like any new adventure, the first step on a journey is usually made with confidence and determination, and if you are me, the next few steps might be less graceful with a mixture of pirouettes and stumbles. No matter, where water is involved any landings will be light and refreshing, or so I keep telling myself.

I also keep telling myself to “Let go, loosen up, and have fun,” this month’s self-motivating mantra for the duration of the 31 day challenge.

Doing studies, nothing serious, seems to be an easy generalized direction to start off with, and it is fun to see things evolve, to experiment and sometimes just goof off.  Day #2 is a classic example of a painting going sideways very quickly, but it became a good opportunity to doodle and play with inks. So far so good, the first week of the World Watercolor Month has been relaxing and educational.

The days tumble one into the other, a few moments here and there, a swish of the brush, and water carries dreams of colors across doorways made of paper for a month long journey of fun and exploration.

The journey so far:



19 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month: Week One

  1. Laura (Createarteveryday) says:

    Your work is always lovely and these have a dreamy quality I can really appreciate, Haunani. I find painting every day in WC challenging, to say the least, and faces are tough, I don’t even try painting them! I’m enjoying watching your progress through the challenge. Show us how it’s done, lady! 💜

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    • artandmoondreams says:

      Thank you Sharon, you are most kind, as always. This is quite a challenge that Charlie has dreamed up but daily painting has been fun and it is easier with our blogging community of friends to encourage each other. I am looking forward to seeing how the days unfold.


  2. Myriam (Myr's Bytes) says:

    Wonderful paintings, Haunani :-)! They are all so full of life and flow. I love how connected your women are with the “background energy”. The ink one is very interesting – the vivid, explosive inks drips that are flowers and the cracks in the woman… a bit like a human volcano… or that sense of vivid life springing from something stoney. The last woman’s hair seems to contain galaxies…

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    • artandmoondreams says:

      You have a beautiful way with words, thank you so much for sharing them with me. I like what you see in the paintings, from the stones to the galaxies…we are all connected to the world around us and it makes me happy if some of it shows.

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