Before October Disappears

The days slip by so easily and so quickly. Before October disappears like the mist I had wanted to get at least one inky post in for “Inktober“.


Watching Dreams Pass By

Mist and moon shadow

Ferry hopes and starlit dreams

Trees dance in the night



16 thoughts on “Before October Disappears

      • judeberman says:

        I noticed your link to Katherine Orr’s website. Made me curious cause she’s been a friend since kindergarten, but I don’t link to her site on my blog. She lives in Kaneohe. Do you perhaps know her?

        Liked by 1 person

      • artandmoondreams says:

        No, I am afraid I do not know your friend. Talk about a small world, she lives on the same side of the island as I do. I have a link to her website? I really need to set time aside like you did and go through my reader list and blog links, am sure I will find some gems I might have lost track of. ;D


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