Hello Inktober…October!

Here in the islands summer is not yet giving in to a change of season except for the occasional breeze that brushes past and whispers of cooler nights to come.

When the humidity gets too high, the drying time with my watercolors becomes a sort of guessing game, giving me a good excuse to play with pen and ink instead, and just in time to join in the fun with Inktober started by Mr. Jake Parker (@inktober and @jakeparker).  The idea is to do an ink drawing a day for the 31 days of October, and posting them to Instagram with #inktober and #inktober2017.  There is also an official Inktober prompt list for anyone wanting drawing ideas.

If ever there was a fun way to get back into using the sketchbook on a daily basis this is it.  All one needs is ink and something to draw on.  And with so many other prompts and challenges floating around on Instagram for instance, (including Charlie’s World Watercolor Group’s prompt ideas),  it can feel like being a kid in a candy store of creative inspiration and fun.

To start off October I pulled ideas from a couple challenges and prompt lists and just let imagination wander.  The first one was done in my bullet journal, (part planner, holder of ideas, and playground for doodles).

01 October 2017 Bullet Journal

The second was in a new and inexpensive sketchbook with the hope to get at least the first few pages inked so the rest of the scary blank white pages are not so scary anymore.

01 October 2017 Inktober


Happy Inktober everyone!

6 thoughts on “Hello Inktober…October!

  1. YesterdayAfter says:

    Beautiful! So nice to see someone else here on WP doing it! I love your drawings Inktober is a great challenge this is my second year! 😉 I am actually doing two challenges in one combining the official prompt lists for Inktober and Drawlloween hosted by Mab Graves on Instagram! So I have created my #drawlloweentober lol! Good luck for the month looking forward to see your work! 😉 Carolina

    Liked by 1 person

    • artandmoondreams says:

      Thank you. This is a fun month for ink. Like you I am combining a few challenges, pulling from different prompt lists, like eating a variety of candy…lol. Love your #drawlloweentober and looking forward to seeing what lovely treats you create for month! H.


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